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Henry C. Chambers Waterfront Park. Seven waterfront acres comprise the Henry C. Chambers Waterfront Park located on the bay in downtown Beaufort. This park includes a children's playground, a seawall promenade with swinging benches, amphitheater, picnic tables, covered pavilion, benches and restroom facilities.
Tidalholm, typical of the beautiful historic homes that line the streets of Beaufort, was where the movies "The Big Chill" and "The Great Santini" were filmed.
John Mark Verdier House (801 Bay Street).
This Federal-style house with Adam influence was built in the 1790's by a leading merchant. It's most famous guest was the Marquis de Lafayette who was entertained here in 1825. Union forces used it as headquarters during the Civil War. (M-Sa 11-4, Adm.)
St. Helena's Episcopal Church, 505 Church St., dates from 1724. During the War Between the States, the church was turned into a hospital and the gravestones from the churchyard were brought inside to serve as operating tables. Visitors welcome daily.
National Cemetery, U.S. 21, Beaufort
Abraham Lincoln established this cemetery in 1863 for the victims of battles in the South. It contains the graves of 9,000 Union soldiers and 122 Confederates. (Visitors welcome daily.)
Parris Island Museum (War Memorial Building).
Located on the Parris Island Marine Corps Training Depot, this museum features displays on the history of Parris Island from 1564 to the present and a collection of vintage Marine Corps uniforms and weapons. Three famous monuments are located at Parris Island: a tribute to Jean Ribaut, a French Hugenaut who in 1562 established a fort on what became Parris Island; the Iwo Jima flag raising monument; and the Iron Mike Monument. (Daily, Free)
Sheldon Church Ruins (15 miles from Beaufort)
1.5 miles off U.S. 17 on S-7-21 between Gardens Corner and Yemassee. Ghostly ruins of a church built in 1753, burned by the British in 1779, rebuilt, and burned again by Sherman in 1865. The ruins of Sheldon Church stand as a reminder of the destruction in South Carolina during the American Revolution and the Civil War.
Penn Center Historic District, St. Helena Island.
Established during the Civil War, it was the first school for freed slaves in the South. The center is active in community services, and its York W. Bailey Museum holds material and exhibits on the history of African-Americans of the Sea Islands. Located on Land's End Road at Frogmore on St. Helena Island. (Museum: 11-4 Tu-F. Adm.)
Hunting Island State Park, On U.S. 21, 16 mile east of Beaufort. (803)838-2011
Hunting Island State Park, one of South Carolina's most popular parks, was acquired from Beaufort County in 1938. Approximately three miles long and one mile wide, the park encompasses 5,000 acres of sandy beach, maritime forest and salt water marsh.
Once a hunting ground of both Indian and settler, Hunting Island State Park -- with more than four miles of beach and well-developed dune vegetation -- holds great appeal for nature lovers. White-tailed deer and raccoon are abundant and frequently observed by park visitors. More than 125 species of birds have been reported at the park, including significant numbers of herons, gulls, terns and egrets. Hunting Island is a true nature lover's paradise and is one of the state's best bird watching areas.
The Salt Marsh -- "The Nursery of the Ocean."
The salt marsh is one of the most productive habitats in the world. Half land, half water, the vast marshes along the coastline of the Lowcountry are a romantic and essential part of this region. Home of plants, sea life and thousands of birds, tidal marsh creeks offer clams, shrimp, blue crabs, oysters and numerous fish.
Sea Oats play a vital role in the formation and preservation of sand dunes along the coast of South Carolina. The roots of this plant help anchor the dunes and prevent them from being blown away by the wind or washed away by the waves of the ocean. For this reason, Sea Oats are protected by law and cutting or uprooting of this plant, and any other beach vegetation is prohibited.

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